Bring Your Baby with You In The Best Double Jogging Stroller

Having a baby is considered both a blessing and a responsibility. You have to adjust a lot of what you used to do so you can give more time to your baby. Physical change is one of the most obvious after pregnancy. Mothers and even fathers may have a difficult time getting back to shape most probably because all of their attention now belongs to their newborn kid. It is understandable to take a break from major physical activities after childbirth. But should you finally decide in restoring your physical form without leaving your little one behind, it’s wise to invest in the best double jogging stroller.

What Is a Jogging Stroller?

There is no need to sacrifice quality time with your kid just because you desire to have an exercise regime. Jogging strollers are the solution for you. This is a special kind of stroller that can assist both moms and dads in having a healthy lifestyle. For easy push and maneuverability, they come with a three-wheel design wherein the two smaller wheels are in the rear and the large one is at the front. Jogging strollers also have a sturdy handrail on the back that you can hold on to while jogging.

If you have two bring along two kids with you, don’t fret because the best double jogging stroller is available for you. From the name itself, these strollers have double seats that can accommodate two children. With these jogging strollers, you don’t need to choose from your two little ones who to bring on your jogging time as you can now both have them with you.

Jogging Stroller, Best double jogging stroller

What to Look for to Get the Best Double Jogging Stroller?

Here are the components you should check when shopping for double jogging strollers:


Go for jogging strollers with a pneumatic bike wheel with suspension. This type of wheel provides the smoothest ride possible and works well on all terrain. Plus, these wheels have the least resistance when running.

Sun Shades

Keeping your child protected from the sun, rain, or ever-changing weather is highly important. Different models also have distinct coverage. Some only have single sunscreen while others are set apart.

Car Seat Compatibility

Some jogging stroller types can be attached to hold car seats from compatible brands. This feature is most beneficial to infants who are not yet big enough to fit in the stroller seat.


Jogging strollers feature a storage basket underneath so parents or guardians can bring along important items for their children. Some models also come with cup holders and a storage tray.


If you are above or below the average height, looking into adjustability features is crucial. You should be able to run comfortably and keep good form through the stroller’s adjustable handles. Make sure that the stroller’s brakes work well so that you can easily halt them whenever needed.

Some Tips When Jogging with a Baby

Prioritize Safety

A safe age wherein a kid can sit in jogging strollers is at least six to eight months old. Make sure that your kid has the necessary neck and head control while in a sitting position. It’s best to consult your pediatrician first before taking them out with you on a jog.

Ensure the Comfort of Your Child

Different elements can make your child uncomfortable, from flies and mosquitoes to raindrops and the heat of the sun. While the best double jogging stroller has hoods or canopies to keep kids protected, you still have to make sure that they are dressed accordingly before placing them in the stroller. Moreover, bring some blankets, a change of clothes, wipes, diapers, and all other necessary items your baby will need.

Be Cautious

Add reflective accents on the front, top, and sides of the jogging stroller so that it will be visible if you plan to jog at dusk or dawn. Avoid busy streets as much as you can but if you can’t, wait for the red light to flash before crossing. Don’t forget to lock the front wheel forward, make sure that your toddler is safely buckled in, and wear your wrist strap before you start a run.

Running with a double jogging stroller

Plan Your Jog with Your Little One

Want to stay active but worried about your children being left unattended? Get a double jogging stroller so you can bring them along while you jog. There are various types of jogging strollers in the market.  Rely on our guidelines so you can get the best double jogging stroller for your kid.