Why All New Mums To Twins Should Have A Baby Jogger Double

Double Stroller

If you are a mother of two, and you like to jog, we have some great news for you. A baby jogger double stroller that can fit two kids, rides well, and it’s super affordable.

Raising two children is a tough job on its own, finding time to exercise can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your exercise routine. Moreover, with a baby jogger double stroller, you can still preserve your active lifestyle all while spending some quality time with your children.

We did some research and, today, we’re putting Baby Trend Navigator Baby Jogger Double Stroller under the spotlight. With this stroller, you can sprint, leisurely jog, or walk, whatever you prefer. If you are an active parent, this jogging stroller can perfectly fit your lifestyle. Furthermore, it is super safe for both you and the babies.

Baby Trend Navigator Baby Jogger Double Stroller, Vanguard

If you want the best for your kids, something that is easy to maneuver for you, and something that will be super comfortable for all of you, then the Baby Trend Navigator Baby Jogger Double Stroller is an option worth considering.

There are many things to love about this jogging stroller. Although it’s not a lightweight stroller, a feature lacking in most double strollers, that is actually an advantage. The extra weight gives the stroller extra stability and sturdiness when jogging. Thus, this stroller rides well even at higher speeds.

Because it’s built for activity, this stroller has a durable frame, capable of carrying two children, weighing 50 pounds each. Moreover, the stroller features all-terrain pneumatic bicycle tires allowing you to adapt to any terrain. No matter the terrain, the tires are designed to reduce the effect of uneven surfaces. You can run comfortably, while your children are napping.

Best Features

Great for children of different ages. Not all baby jogger double strollers can accommodate two children of different ages. With the Baby Trend Navigator, you have the option to install two infant car seats. This means you can use this stroller for both newborns and toddlers, something that not all double strollers offer.

Padded and reclining seats for added comfort. Both seats on this stroller can recline independently. Moreover, they are padded for extra comfort, and both seats feature individual canopies that will shield your children from the sun.

5-Point Safety Harness. Whether your children are sitting up or lie flat while napping, they are always secured with a padded 5-point harness. On top of that, this stroller features locked front swivel wheels in order to keep the stroller stable when jogging, and footrest reflectors for more visibility during evening strolls.

MP3 plug-in and speakers. A jogging stroller with speakers is pretty cool, even beyond that, very useful. Listening to your favorite music can motivate you to exercise more. Furthermore, you can use the music to entertain your children when jogging.

Folds Effortlessly. Folding a double stroller is not always easy. However, this jogging stroller features a trigger that makes folding effortless. The quick-fold mechanism is one of the most important features a stroller can have.

Extra Storage. This stroller features a large basket, perfect for diaper bags, a soccer ball, a blanket, and all the food and drinks you can bring. The storage compartment has a hardcover for extra protection when jogging.

Pros and Cons


Double Stroller
  • Durable and sturdy frame.
  • Swivel wheels with pneumatic air tires.
  • Reclining seats with individual canopies.
  • Large storage basket.
  • Fold easily.
  • MP3 plug-in speakers.
  • Parent and twin child trays with cup holders.
  • Accepts two infant car seats.
  • Parking brakes.


  • It’s quite heavy.
  • The handlebar is not adjustable.
  • There is no bar between the two children’s seats.

The Baby Trend Navigator Baby Jogger Double stroller has a wonderful and quality design, spacious interior, it’s durable and very maneuverable, and adapts perfectly to different terrains. It’s the perfect blend between style, comfort, and efficiency.


A jogging stroller can be a lot of fun for the entire family. Running and exercising can not only be fun, but very healthy and beneficial for both parents. Daily jogging can strengthen your immune system, improve your fitness, and increase your confidence.

If you are looking for a stroller that can accommodate two children, it’s durable and high performing, and it’s super affordable, then the Baby Trend Navigator Baby Jogger Double stroller is the one for you.