Essential stroller for first-time parents of twins

Double Stroller

Twin babies and a twin stroller go hand in hand. Becoming a parent of twins will undoubtedly change your life, having the right tools will make your lives easier.

Most parents have their hands full with one baby. For parents of twins, the thought of having two tiny human beings, work-related obligations, and everything that comes with being a parent, can be overwhelming.

Even so, becoming a parent is the most rewarding experience you can have. But dealing with changes in your daily routine requires patience, energy, and emotional commitment. 

How Best to Juggle Having Twins for the First Time

Every parent is unique and faces unique challenges. With twins, these challenges will force you to come up with some unique tricks when you need to get things done. To help you with your new-found challenges, we have a few tips for you.

twin baby strollers
  • Work together. Working together with your spouse as a team is key when it comes to twins. Sharing parenting duties, brainstorming ideas on how to conquer a challenge, giving each other a break when needed can make your lives easier, and bring you even closer to each other.
  • Reach out to other parents of twins. Other parents that are dealing or have dealt with the same set of problems, can also share advice on what to expect, be a decisive voice when it comes to choosing the proper twin stroller, twin crib, or walkers, but also help you deal with the feelings of uncertainty you have.
  • Shop online. Going to the market with twins is almost impossible. You already have your hands full, a couple of bags of groceries are a couple of bags too much. Do most of your grocery shopping online. There are excellent delivery services that will bring your groceries to your doorstep. Cooking in big batches is also a great idea.
  • Relax. Although it may seem impossible, try to spend 30 minutes each day, doing something you love and enjoy. It can be exercise, yoga, reading, a relaxing shower, or watching TV. 30 minutes of recharging can do wonders.
  • Accept help. New parents can often have mixed feelings. They desperately need some rest and sleep but are not willing to leave their newborns in other hands. Accept help when it’s offered, and ask for help when it’s needed. The grandparents and other close relatives can be emotional as well as physical help.

Twin Stroller – An Essential

Getting anywhere with twins can be a nightmare. Knowing this, a twin stroller is essential. But just like buying a single stroller, a new car, or even a pair of shoes, there are a lot of options you must consider.

Stroller types such as side-by-side, tandem, umbrella, jogging, or an all-terrain stroller, all have unique features. Some strollers are better for toddlers, while others are great for newborns. The two most popular choices for newborn twins are side-by-side and double tandem strollers.


As the name suggests, this twin stroller has the seats placed next to each other. Some parents prefer this type of stroller because it offers both babies the same view during a stroll. 

Often, this type of double stroller can be too wide, making it difficult to go through doorways or store aisles. Luckily, some side-by-side strollers that are specifically made for newborns, are much narrower in comparison to side-by-side strollers for toddlers. On the positive side, a side-by-side stroller is generally lighter and much more stable than a tandem.


In a tandem stroller, one kid is sitting in front of the other. In some models, the back seat may be higher than the front one. This is called a stadium seat, and with this option, both babies can explore the surrounding during a stroll. Another great thing about tandem strollers is the multiple seat configurations. Some models offer up to 16 seat configurations. You can arrange the seats to face forward, backward, or face each other.

Of all double strollers, the tandem strollers are the easiest to go through doors and narrow spaces. Because the seats are arranged one in front of the other, tandem strollers are no wider than a single stroller. If you are not sure about the width of the side-by-side, a tandem stroller may be the better option.

Extra tip: Dealing with two babies and a stroller can be a handful. Whichever type of twin stroller you choose, make sure it has the one-hand open and fold option. You can thank me later.


Some parents prefer to own two single strollers, one for each baby. Obviously, this will not work for all parents. For twin babies, a twin stroller is a must!

But before you choose the right stroller, you need to determine where you’re going to take the stroller and what sort of activities you want to use it for.

To help you make a better decision, take a look at some of the informative articles on our website. We give insight into some of the most popular twin stroller options you can find online, hoping to save you some time and effort in your busy schedule.