What Is The Best Jogging Stroller Travel system?

If you are into jogging and running, there are several benefits to using a stroller with a proper jogging stroller travel system. We explore a few of these in this article.

Many new parents think that making time for exercise with newborns is not possible. And most moms stop exercising after giving birth. Number one reason? They need to spend more time with their newborns and don’t have time to exercise. We are here to tell you, that is simply not true.

Baby jogging strollers and twin jogging strollers have become extremely popular in recent years. Running with a jogging stroller that is equipped with the right jogging stroller travel system is a great way to get some exercise and spend some bonding time with your little ones.

For parents of twins at home, using double jogging strollers might be more convenient.

With so many different types of strollers, you need to find out which one is the right one for you. There are the everyday strollers which parents usually buy, there are the jogging strollers for parents that want to stay in shape, and the traveling strollers for parents that travel often. A stroller with a jogging stroller travel system often incorporates all three types in one.

If you would like to find out more on double jogging strollers, read more here.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger, Centennial

This stroller comes with a fantastic jogging stroller travel system for twin babies. You can use this stroller both as a jogging stroller and as an everyday stroller.

With its 16″ rear and 12″ front all-terrain, rubber pneumatic bicycle tires, you can tackle any terrain, and your babies will barely notice any bumps.

The swiveling front wheel can be locked if needed, allowing you a smooth jogging experience. And for safety, this stroller features a 5-point safety harness and a foot pedal brake on the back wheels.

For comfort, this jogging stroller features a multi-position seat recline, ratcheting shade canopy, a parent tray that includes two cup holders, and a covered storage compartment.

The sturdy and lightweight construction is perfect for travel. This stroller is quick to fold and comes with quick-release tires and a convenient carrying handle.

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BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Jogging Stroller

This BOB jogging stroller is travel-friendly as it is ready with a great jogging stroller travel systemThe age limit on this stroller is greater than most strollers. It’s great for babies from the age of 0 months to 66 months, and it’s compatible with most infant car seats.

It is a great stroller for parents that love traveling and being active.

This stroller features an easy one-hand fold option, with a quick and easy detaching of the wheels. To save space, it can be stored or transported separately.

There is a plethora of features for comfort, for both parents and babies. For starters, the suspension system and air-filled tires provide a smooth ride over any terrain. And the adjustable handlebar offers 9 positions, making it suitable for parents of all heights. The seats recline offer all-day comfort for your babies. They can sit fully-upright, or take a nap with a nearly flat recline.

An adjustable five-point harness, reflective stripes, tethering strap, this jogging stroller is the safest place your babies can be. And with 10 storage pockets and an extra-large cargo basket, you are good to go.

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The Importance of Jogging Stroller Travel System

There are many reasons to invest in a jogging stroller travel system instead of a standard travel system. Running, and physical activity in general can bring new moms a feeling of confidence and strength, especially after giving birth.

  • Lose Weight and Stay Healthy. A jogging stroller is a great way to carry out a workout on a daily basis. It will help you lose weight and stay healthy.
  • Easy to Push and Steer. Jogging strollers have several features that make it easy to run with. A big swivel wheel upfront that you can lock in place for more stability, shock absorbers, suspension, all-terrain tires, these features provide stability and safety during a run.
  • Versatility. For a more enjoyable jogging experience, you can accommodate the seats the way you like it. Your babies can face you during your run, face the front, or even the sides. A stroller with a proper jogging stroller travel system often has this option.
  • Safety. A jogging stroller can be used as a regular stroller, but the safety benefits are much greater. Safety harness and tether, reflective stripes for evening outings, and both a hand brake on the handlebar and foot brake on the back wheels. You won’t find this on many regular travel systems.


Whether you have a single baby, twins, or triplets, a stroller without the right travel system won’t do you any good. If you are in the market for a double jogging stroller, visit our website for more recommendations.

With the proper jogging stroller travel system, you can comfortably travel to your favorite places, or visit family across the country, and still squeeze in your daily fitness routine.