The Ultimate Guide On How To Buy A Double Tandem Stroller

double stroller, Tandem Pram

If you are a parent of twins or have kids who are close in age, you will need a tandem stroller so you can take them out easily. This kind of stroller offers the convenience of walking two children (or three) simultaneously as if you just brought one kid. It is handy to use for bringing children for a walk in the park or the groceries.

Tandem Stoller, Tandem Pram

More About Double Strollers

There are many selections of strollers in the market. But if you have twins or kids whose age gaps are not that big, then doubles strollers are your best choice. Double strollers can come in different features, including foot and hand brakes, front-wheel and all-wheels suspension, and extended canopies. There are two choices of double strollers: you can either go for one that has a side-by-side form or buy a tandem pram.

A side-by-side stroller has two seats next to each other. The seats provide the kids with equal views and even allow interaction with one another. However, the width of this stroller takes up a lot of space and makes it a bit challenging to maneuver. They are not advisable to use in congested areas.

Meanwhile, a tandem pram also has two seats that are in line with each other. This means that one child gets to sit behind the other. The downside is the kids won’t be able to enjoy equal views. Also, the position of the seat may be a little cramped. The good thing about it is it is much more maneuverable compared to a side-by-side stroller because of its width. It also takes up less space.

Some Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tandem Stroller

The Ages, Heights, and Weights of Your Kids

The best stroller choice for newborns is definitely not suitable for older children. Before buying a double stroller, make sure to check what is their age, height, and weight limits. Most double strollers have a bottom age limit of 6 months and a weight capacity that can support up to 50 pounds each.


If you plan to bring the kids along while jogging, it’s best to go for a tandem pram as it is more compact than a side-by-side stroller. If your family loves parks and nature trails, a side-by-side stroller may come in handy. However, make sure to check first their suspension, wheel durability, and braking systems.


Always consider the width of the double stroller. It can be difficult to fit through small hallways and doorways with a side-by-side stroller. Even some versions of a tandem pram go through a similar scenario. It may be a bit silly but you may want to measure the passageways of the usual spaces you go through or you plan to go to with your babies, including elevator openings or your favorite restaurant. This is to have an idea of what size you should go for when buying a double stroller.

The Size of Your Car’s Trunk

You need to consider the size of the stroller not just through the spaces you’ll be going but also on how it will fit your car’s trunk. Measure the trunk then compare it with the measurements of the stroller in folded dimensions before buying it. Make sure there is room enough to fit the stroller with other items (just in case you’ll be coming from the groceries).


Each tandem stroller brand offers different types of features. Some of the basic features of a stroller include weather shields, snack trays, and other areas for storage for other items. If you’re planning to use the stroller while jogging, get one with suspension and front-locking wheels. You may also want to choose a stroller that has reclining seats, a five-point harness, and an adjustable handlebar to give your children a more comfortable experience.

double stroller, Tandem Pram

Double Strollers: A Good Investment

Double strollers offer versatility and convenience in bringing along your toddlers. They are durable and designed to hold two to three kids at the same time. They are also equipped with a storage basket and side pockets giving you ways to bring your and the baby’s essentials. Certainly, buying a tandem stroller is a good investment but make sure to follow our guidelines to get the best one for your kids.

Finding The Best Tandem Stroller!

Side by side double Stroller

There are many different kinds of double strollers you can choose from, so to help you with your decision, today’s recommendation is a tandem stroller. If your babies are still in their months old, traveling with your little ones can be exhausting. For those parents who are blessed with twins or have children whose age gaps are not that big, purchasing a double stroller that suits you and your children is a big necessity.

Do a little bit of research into double tandem strollers and triple tandem strollers, and don’t buy whatever is cheapest. Double and triple strollers tend to cost more than traditional single strollers, but I promise you, the benefits of a quality stroller far outweigh the costs. Having the ability to leave the house on your own, enjoy a nice stroll on a sunny day, and even squeeze some exercise while having multiple children is achievable only with a quality stroller.

What is a tandem stroller?

Double Stroller

Double strollers have a variety of benefits for the parents that are ready to invest in them. They can be purchased in two forms, a side-by-side style of a stroller, or a tandem stroller. In a tandem style, one child sits in front of the other. In most modern tandem strollers, the back seat is set higher than the front one, so both kids can watch the surroundings while strolling.

Double tandem strollers are most convenient when it comes to hauling both children, or even three of them to the park or the mall. Double strollers often come in various configurations and features like one-hand folding, front-wheel and all-wheels suspension, foot and hand brakes, and extended canopies. Many of these features are implemented in a tandem stroller. The most important thing is to know what works best for your family’s lifestyle.

Double and triple tandem strollers are generally more compact when compared to side-by-side strollers, but other than that, there are many benefits that quality tandem strollers can offer to parents with multiple children.

Benefits of a tandem stroller

Let’s talk about what you can do with a tandem stroller. For starters, these type of strollers are narrower then side-by-side strollers, permitting you access through crowded sidewalks, shopping aisles and most standard entryways without bumping into things.

Tandem strollers can also be very practical and versatile.

There is no shortage of styles and functions when it comes to double tandem strollers. Some double strollers can be adjusted to suit your growing family by converting them into a triple stroller. You also have the option of replacing one or both seats, with infant car seats if needed.

And many tandem strollers provide a lot more versatile seating options, due to highly adjustable seats. You can choose whether your children will be facing forward, facing each other, one child facing you while the other is facing forward, or both children facing you. This innovative feature can be very fun for the kids and keep them occupied during your stroll.

Double tandem strollers are also exceptionally strong and durable because they are designed and built to hold two or three children at the same time. In addition to your children’s weight, these strollers are also equipped with a storage basket and side pockets where you can put some of the essentials for your babies as well as some of your personal items like keys, cellphones, and wallets. A tandem stroller will certainly benefit you in various ways.

What to watch out for with tandem strollers

Twin Stroller

Although a tandem stroller is narrow as a single stroller and can offer you plenty of versatile options, they are not always ideal either. Some tandem strollers are hard to maneuver and handle curbs because of their length. Small elevators will also be an inconvenience. Some tandem strollers are too heavy, bulky and most of the time difficult to travel with. And in some strollers, the seats don’t recline fully which won’t work for you if you have infants.

When it comes to choosing the right double or triple stroller, you’ll need to ask yourself two questions; where are you going to take the stroller and what activities you want to use it for? The good news? We’ve done some research for you, so before you make a decision, take a look at some of the educative articles and suggestions on our website. 

Your choice will be heavily influenced by whether you have a baby and a toddler, twin babies or triplets. Whatever the case may be, a tandem stroller is always a good investment.