The 3 Major Differences Between the Best Jogging Stroller and a Regular Stroller

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Are you in the market for the best jogging stroller? Becoming a parent doesn’t mean you let go of yourself. You can stay active and take your little one out with you on a jog

So, why can’t you take any regular baby strollers out for a jog? Well, all strollers are not made equally. The regular ones you find are not recommended for jogging because of their build and the tires installed. We will get more into that a little later. Therefore, if you enjoy jogging and plan to continue with your little one then you will need a jogging stroller. Let’s look at why the best jogging strollers are better than regular ones for parents that like to jog.

What to expect from the best jogging strollers

Jogging strollers are typically made to be more durable than regular strollers. The build is sturdier, so it can withstand the vibration and roughness of the track or road as you jog with it. They make it easier for parents to get their daily run along with their little ones.

Let’s look at the major differences between the best jogging strollers and regular options.

  • Wheels: Most jogging strollers have 3-wheels and have unique all-terrain wheels. The wheels are air-filled and allow the stroller to go on any type of terrain from grass, and gravel, to unpaved roads. For those that jog a lot on unpaved or uneven roads, you must be extra vigilant when it comes to the wheels of the stroller since they may go flat due to wear and tear.
  • Weight: Jogging strollers generally weigh more than regular options. That is because they are made from sturdier material to withstand the vibrations of the road when jogging. They also provide a little more stability for the baby. So, they don’t fall out, or the stroller doesn’t collapse on them during your jog.
  • Rear-facing seat: Most jogging strollers do not allow you to change the orientation of the seat. They are usually always forward-facing and cannot be changed to rear-facing. Many regular strollers give you the option to switch between front- and rear-facing seating options.

These differences are what set the best jogging strollers apart from their regular counterparts. The wheels and weight ensure that you can easily jog with the stroller, without facing too many issues.

The all-terrain wheels provide better road grip and are more dynamic in the sense that they move far quicker than the tires on regular strollers. Regular stroller wheels have foam or plastic-filled tires, which are far less superior and rotate much slower, making it difficult to jog with them. The foam and plastic filling is far less durable also, making the tires prone to puncture or just coming off during a run.

The common features between regular and jogging strollers

There are a lot of features that you will find in common between regular baby strollers and jogging options. Things like:

  • Canopy: To provide shade to the baby when you are out and about.
  • Seating: You can find both options in single seats and double seats, for those with two kids.
  • Car seat compatible: For those that want to fit their car seat into the stroller.
  • 3-5 point harness: To ensure your baby is properly strapped and safe in the stroller.
Best jogging stroller for you, jogging stroller

Jogging Stroller Versus A Regular Stroller Thoughts

Almost all the popular stroller manufacturers make jogging strollers now. There are tons of options, but make sure you do your research and fit one that you are most comfortable with. When selecting the best jogging stroller for you and your baby, safety and comfort should always be first. a 5-point harness ensures the baby sits securely in the seat, while you jog. Price should always be secondary to that.

You now know all you need to buy the best jogging stroller for your family. Happy shopping!

How To Maintain Your Fitness Level After Having A Baby

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Jogging strollers are becoming increasingly popular. Almost all new parents are just now learning the benefits of a jogging stroller. Jogging with your newborn can be a lot of fun. And it’s something you can do as a family.

Having a baby and becoming a parent is a significant life transition. It’s impossible to foretell how life will be with a newborn, let alone be with twins or triplets. But one of the finest pieces of advice we can provide is to make time for regular physical post pregnancy exercise in the shape of a hobby.

And using jogging strollers to keep fit after having a baby can be an ideal solution for this. There are jogging strollers for any purpose, whether you have a single infant, twins, or children of all ages.

Being a new mother is not without its difficulties. And how to remain active is at the forefront of many parents’ priority lists. Many parents can’t find a balance between a new baby’s responsibilities and the enormous effort required to go through the day.

Ways You Can Sustain Your Physical Health After Having A Baby

It is challenging to get back into form, particularly after having a baby. Because your physique will no longer be the same as before, going slowly and steadily is the ideal way.

The capability to maintain consistency in your exercises is essential. While the first few weeks are emotionally, psychologically, and physically exhausting, remember that most things will eventually settle into a routine.

Begin Gradually

Avoid intense exercise for six to eight weeks after having birth. Enable yourself time to heal and your health to get back to normal. Begin by walking, slowly increasing the intensity and duration over time. Jogging strollers are ideal for this purpose. Exercise may be the last thing on your mind, but you must remain active.

Engage Your Child In Your Regular Workout Routine

Engaging your baby or newborn twins in your fitness regimen is an excellent method to stay healthy while also being an attentive mother. Consider the fact that standard strollers are not designed for running or jogging.

Join Other Mothers

Jogging strollers will motivate you to join a group of new mums who also want to get back into shape. It will give you the extra drive to attain your fitness goals while making new friends.

Keep An Eye On Your Meals.

Post pregnancy exercise is not the only way to become in shape. Any gains you achieve will be gone if you ignore your nutrition. Consume protein-rich meals and snacks and prevent calorie-dense and fast foods.

Jogging Strollers – Ideal For Working Out With Your Baby

A jogging stroller is the greatest alternative if you like exercising, running, jogging, or even brisk strolling. Regular physical activity can make you appear more energetic, enhance your metabolism, and build strength.

A jogging stroller allows you to practice all of the tasks mentioned above. Jogging with your infant can maintain any mom or dad in shape.

Let’s discuss how jogging strollers can help you maintain a healthy postpartum workout plan!

Helps You To Stay Fit

Choosing time for exercise can be difficult for new parents. But every time you go for a walk, you have an opportunity to work out. Rather than waiting or strolling in the park, a jogging stroller allows you to run and lose some extra calories.

Spending Fun Time With Your Baby

Jogging strollers are among the greatest baby items for taking your child on adventures. Experiencing the outdoors is enjoyable, whether it’s a jog around the block or a visit to the playground. It encourages babies to appreciate and connect with nature and allows you to develop your relationship with your child.


A jogging stroller can provide possibilities that a standard stroller cannot. It is significantly more comfortable for you and your kid if you prefer uneven roads or hiking trails.

If you’re fatigued and want to stroll, go for it. If you’re enthusiastic and want to run, go for it too.

Jogging strollers can provide variation to your journeys. The jogging stroller framework, suspension, and wheels are designed for a smooth ride, whether walking, racing, or brisk walking on an irregular track.

Jogging Pram, Keeping fit after having a baby

Get Your Fitness Back After Having A Baby

Walking in the park with your kid is a terrific way to keep active and healthy and a great opportunity to meet other parents. A shift in your routine, making new friends with people facing similar issues as you, and organizing family activities for your children may all benefit your life and improve your mood and your baby’s.

As a new parent, jogging strollers are an excellent way to change your routine. If your life as a new parent is a little challenging, fitting in a workout is always a good idea.

What You Need to Know About Various Types of Baby Strollers

Running with baby, Best Baby Stroller

One of the things you must have for your baby is a stroller; therefore, you must know how to choose the ideal one. Several varieties of best strollers are available, each with pros and drawbacks.

The best stroller can make all the difference for some parents in how they go about their everyday activities with their child. You can use new baby strollers to keep your child close to you and travel. When you are traveling with your infant, a stroller has another advantage. It can significantly simplify and secure both your and his travels.

Baby Stroller, Best Baby Stroller

What Baby Stroller is Suitable for You and Where Can You Use It?

Umbrella Strollers

Such a stroller for babies is lightweight, making it simple to carry. However, the majority of them lack amenities like storage bins and sunshades. They might not have complete reclining chairs or wheels with suspension, making them unsuitable for tiny newborns.

Convertible Strollers

Some new baby strollers provide an option to switch from a single to a double stroller for babies. A convertible stroller for babies offers many excellent advantages, including the ability to expand with your family and long-term financial savings.

Twin Strollers

A double stroller is your best option when you have two kids. For kids that feel comfortable sitting near one another, it’s a great alternative. Your babies may readily engage because the chairs are often situated side by side and are of comparable size.

What to Look For in a Baby Stroller?

A Safety Belt

A safety belt should be included with every best stroller you purchase to keep your child from slipping out. These come in various designs, from three-point harnesses that fit around your child’s waist and shoulders to five-point harnesses that also go around each leg.

Car-Seat Adaptability

Newborns must lay flat or be supported in a semi-reclined position since they cannot sit independently. If you’re buying a product to carry your child from infancy through toddlerhood, look for a car seat or stroller combo that allows your youngster to rest flat or be upright.

Undercarriage Basket

Any best stroller should have a storage bin underneath. You’ll have things like diapers and wipes, toys, and food when you’re out and about with your child. You can carry all you need for a day of exploring in a large undercarriage basket.

Why Are Baby Strollers Expensive?

Over the past ten years, the expense of raising children has constantly increased, significantly impacting the cost of new baby strollers.

Due to this price inflation, new parents frequently spend significantly more on baby supplies than other family items. It is known to the retail sector; therefore, they take advantage of it by marking strollers up by as much as 50% to 90% more than necessary to generate a respectable profit.

Unfortunately for the baby’s parents, these hefty amounts may not be directly related to the best stroller or its extra features. Retailers are responsible for setting their rates for more well-known international goods to pay for trade fairs and advertising.

The more costly new baby stroller models, particularly the imported ones, are also a result of this.

How Can You Store a Baby Stroller?

Car Trunk

It also applies to parents who live in confined areas. Why not keep the stroller in the trunk of your car to save your apartment space? Moreover, you might get some bungee cords and tie them around the stroller’s headrest and backrest.

Garden Shed

A garden shed would be an excellent place to keep your strollers for babies in addition to holding your plants. We advise completely wrapping the stroller in protective clothing to prevent it from insects.

Get a Folding Stroller

Stroller storage is a typical issue for parents. We advise using a foldable stroller for babies because it can assist with storage. These strollers are more portable and small, making it simple to fold them when not in use.

Running with baby, Best Baby Stroller

Getting The Right Baby Stroller For You

Parents have a lot of responsibilities for their babies, especially when it comes to watching over the newborn outside. Your life will be accessible in this situation if you discover the best baby strollers.

We hope this article has helped you choose wisely for your child and get the best stroller so you can enjoy parenthood.

Tips To Help Your Infant Baby Sleep Better At Night

Run with child, Baby sleeping at night

Everyone dots on babies, whether their parents, uncles, aunts or the kid next door. But they become a nightmare when they don’t let anyone sleep at night. Newborn babies aren’t immune to crying; they would cry at the most ungodly hours and completely dishevel the sleeping schedule of their parents. That is why it is essential to know a few baby sleeping tips to calm them down and make them sleep at night.

New parents struggle a lot with setting a sleeping routine for their newborn babies and would often have to sacrifice their sleep. Here are a few tips to help ensure that your baby sleeps soundly at night.

Tandem Stoller, Tandem Pram

1. Sleeping in the Same Room

Babies sleep most of the time for the first few months of their lives. Newborn babies typically sleep around 16 to 17 hours per day. While babies need to get plenty of rest, where they sleep is also crucial for their development. Studies have shown that babies who sleep in the same room as their parents (but not in the same bed) have a lower risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). As newborn babies cannot yet regulate their body temperature, sleeping near their parents helps keep them warm and comfortable.

Additionally, being in the same room as their parents allow babies to see, hear, and smell them, which helps to create a sense of familiar comfort and security. For these reasons, it is recommended that parents share a room with their baby for at least the first six months of life.

2. Make a Routine

Believe it or not, the first few months are difficult for all parents. It takes some time for the newborn babies to get into the rhythm of sleeping and eating, but it’s pure bliss when they do. That is why one of the initial steps of developing a night-time routine for newborn babies is getting them to sleep at a particular time. Develop a pattern for them to sleep, and then you can alter it according to your sleeping schedule.

3. Sleeping Habits

Parents of newborn babies quickly learn that a consistent bedtime routine is a key to a good night’s sleep – for both baby and parents alike. But what exactly should this bedtime routine look like? First, starting the routine before your baby is overtired is essential. You’ll need to begin the activities about 30 minutes before you plan to put your baby down for the night. Second, keep the environment calm and quiet, with soft lighting.

It will help your baby to relax and prepare for sleep. Third, choose calming and relaxing activities, such as bathing, cuddling, singing, or reading. And finally, end the routine with a clear delineation – such as putting your baby in their crib or saying goodnight. Following these simple tips can help your little one (and yourself!) get a good night’s sleep.

4. Getting a stroller

Strollers are highly effective if you want your newborn baby to sleep peacefully. Babies love a good ride, and strollers provide just that. You can take the baby on a short ride to the park or in your garden, and the baby will most likely be asleep before you get back home. Read more here if you need a guide to buying the best stroller for you.

Strollers are a big lifesaver for parents who want to minimize the effort of always carrying the baby for a few hours while simultaneously keeping the baby relaxed and comfortable.

5. Pacifiers and Environment

Parents have long known that pacifiers can be a helpful tool for calming babies. Now, research suggests that pacifiers may also help reduce the risk of SIDS. The theory is that the sucking motion helps regulate breathing and that pacifiers may provide a protective effect if infants are exposed to other risk factors for SIDS. While more research is needed to confirm these findings, pacifiers can be a helpful tool for parents of unsettled babies.

In addition to the potential benefits of pacifiers, creating a calm and soothing environment is essential when caring for babies at night. Dim lighting, soft voices and slow movements will help to signal to your baby that it is time to sleep. Creating a peaceful environment can help your baby (and yourself) get the rest you need. 

Run with child, Baby sleeping at night

Concluding Thoughts:

As any parent knows, babies are individuals with their unique preferences and personalities. Some babies are natural night owls, while others are early birds. While it can be tempting to force your baby into a particular sleep schedule, it is often more practical to respect your baby’s preferences and adjust routines accordingly. Night owls will often do better if they are allowed to stay up a bit later in the evening, while early birds may need to wake up a bit earlier in the morning. By respecting your baby’s preferences, you can help them develop healthy sleep habits that will serve them well into childhood and beyond.

How To Choose The Right Stroller For Your Newborn?

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A stroller is one of the most essential and expensive investments you’ll make for your newborn. You’ll use it every day, so picking a comfy and reliable stroller is necessary. There is no particular stroller that is best for everyone.

The best option for you offers features that are appropriate for your infant and lifestyle and a price that is within your budget. You may pay as little as $100 or as much as $1,000.

We’re here to assist you in selecting the ideal stroller for your family. In this stroller buying guide, you’ll learn about different types of strollers and what features to look for in getting the best baby stroller for you.

Best stroller, baby stroller

A few different types of strollers

1. Full-sized Stroller

Look no farther than a full-size stroller if you want to invest in one stroller that will comfort your child through the toddler years. These strollers are the conventional option since bigger, sturdier, and usually more durable.

2. Umbrella Stroller

Although an umbrella stroller lacks some of the characteristics of a full-sized stroller, it wins marks for being extremely easy to carry when on the go. Most lightweight strollers nonetheless include a partial seat reclining, an adjustable sunshade, a storage basket, and a built-in snack tray.

3. Jogging Stroller

Are you actually on the move? Then a jogging stroller may be an excellent choice. Jogging strollers have more prominent, durable wheels and more robust suspensions to handle bumps and uneven slopes.

Many jogging strollers include a front wheel that can rotate for versatility or be locked for stability at higher speeds.

4. Double Stroller

A double stroller is a way to go if you have twins or a toddler who isn’t ready to give up his stroller days. There are two types of doubles: parallel seating, where one kid sits behind the other, and side-by-side.

This option allows you to handle simply one stroller with many children quickly. Because these versions are more significant, there is plenty of storage room.

5. Newborn Car Seat Carrier

These wheeled frames are designed to convert your newborn car seat into a stroller quickly. They are handy and excellent for travel since they allow for a smooth transition into and out of the automobile.

What to look for in a stroller?

1. Safety

Above all, be sure the stroller you’re considering passes basic safety standards.

2. Cost

Stroller costs vary considerably. While top-of-the-line strollers frequently have several convenience features like as flexible handles, rain covers, big undercarriages, and even multiple seats, that, to be honest, aren’t always a necessity.

3. Family Size

Think about the size of your family. If you want to have more than one kid, investing more money in a model that can accommodate more children is frequently more cost-effective.

Though you’ll have to endure the higher price tag now, it’ll prevent you from having to buy many strollers in the future.

4. High-Quality Wheels

With fragile wheels, you won’t be able to cover many miles since they get caught on uneven surfaces, even rocky sidewalks, and are more likely to shatter.

5. Sun Protection

Look for lengthy or flexible coverings to keep your best infant car seat safe from the sunlight, rainfall, and certain other extremes. Some types also include vented or glass windows, allowing you to watch the baby while protecting them.

6. Storing Capacity

Infants arrive with a plethora of accessories. On the move, a stroller with a spacious undercarriage for holding stuff can make your life much more straightforward.

7. Washable Fabric

It’s no secret that newborns are messy beings. When you combine a baby’s messiness, such as food crumbs and snot, with normal wear and tear, your stroller will take a hammering. An easy-to-clean model will help you maintain your stroller in good condition for longer.

8. Durability

Look for a stroller that will evolve with your infant and potentially beyond if you decide to add other children to your family to get the most value for money.

There are many alternatives for meeting your strolling needs. Narrowing them down to choose the best stroller for your family might be stressful. Therefore, you can take help from our quick guide.

Tandem Pram, double stroller


So, now that you’ve learned these essential baby stroller suggestions, it’s time to go shopping and purchase the right stroller for your precious baby!

Baby Checklist: A List of Must-Have Items for Your Newborn

Double Jogging Stroller, Infant Stroller

Having an infant stroller is a no-brainer for moms-to-be. But aside from that, there are a lot of other things you should be prepared to have. We are here to guide you in selecting baby-related products that you will need.

Tandem Stoller, Tandem Pram

Basic Items You Should Get Your Baby

Whether it’s your first time being a mom or adding another bundle of joy to the family, it pays to be ready about the stuff a baby will need. Being prepared will not only make your baby comfortable but will also make your life easier. These are some things you will need for your journey to motherhood.

Infant Stroller

While it’s tempting to keep your baby around your arms all the time, there will come a point when the baby will become heavy. To help you easily move them from point A to B and vice versa, you will need an infant stroller. This will also help you in case you have plans of traveling with your baby. A newborn baby strolleralso serves as a container for all the baby’s essentials. So you don’t need to worry about where else to keep the extra set of clothes or diapers whenever you’re out.

There are plenty of baby strollers available in the market. A newborn baby stroller comes in different types. Some are available in full size while others are lightweight. For mothers who want to jumpstart a fitness lifestyle but can’t leave the baby to anyone, there are jogging strollers that have better suspensions that take bumps. Double strollers are perfect for families with twins. These are also ideal for toddlers who are not ready to let go of strollers yet as they can ride along with their new sibling. Some brands are paired with an infant car seat.

Nursery Items

Babies need a safe space to sleep. You have two choices: a bassinet and a crib. A bassinet is a small bed designed with freestanding legs, a stationary stand or frame, and a wheeled or rocking base. Some infant stroller types have a newborn bassinet function or removable bassinet that can be detached whenever traveling. Cribs, on the other hand, are bigger and may even be converted to toddler beds. 

A bassinet can be a good investment for its portability or if you are not yet ready to buy a full-sized crib. You can also bring it along with you when you go to other parts of your house. A bassinet usually only lasts for a few months so you will still need to buy a crib later. While you’re at it, don’t forget to buy blankets, sheets, mattresses, and mattress protectors to keep your baby extra safe in their sleeping space.

Baby Feeding Essentials

Whether you are breastfeeding or not, having bottles, teats, and bottle brushes prepared is important. In addition to regular baby bottles, the market offers bottles for breastfed babies which has a different teat that mimics a nipple. There are also bottles to which breast pumps can be easily attached. Meanwhile, anti-colic bottles come with angled tops and a special venting system. It’s crucial to keep all the bottles clean, so having sterilizing equipment is helpful. A nursing bra, breast pads, and a nipple cream make breastfeeding comfortable for mothers.

Bathtime Products

A baby’s skin is extra sensitive, that is why bathing time shouldn’t take long. Water should be just at the right temperature so a bath thermometer is helpful. The baby bathtub should support the baby’s back and be slip-resistant to prevent it from moving. Make sure to choose a soap that is specially made for babies. Also, use a gentle baby sponge and towel.


Not all cute clothing selections are suitable for babies. Clothes made from nylon or polyester may cause discomfort to babies. It’s better to stick to cotton or soy-based fabrics. Avoid clothes with buttons, hooks, bows, or any choking hazards, no matter how adorable they look. Make sure to get baby clothes in the right sizes. If you’re not sure about the size, go for the bigger size instead to compensate for growth spurts. There’s nothing wrong with picking stylish clothes for babies, but at the end of the day, prioritize your baby’s comfort.

Double Jogging Stroller, Infant Stroller

All Set for Your Baby’s Arrival

Ready to welcome your little angel to the family? First things first, you need to be ready to take on the baby’s needs. The top five mentioned essentials should already be at your home prior to your baby’s arrival. Make baby bottles, bassinet, crib, infant stroller, and other basic items a top on your list of baby products to buy on your next shopping.

The Ultimate Guide On How To Buy A Double Tandem Stroller

double stroller, Tandem Pram

If you are a parent of twins or have kids who are close in age, you will need a tandem stroller so you can take them out easily. This kind of stroller offers the convenience of walking two children (or three) simultaneously as if you just brought one kid. It is handy to use for bringing children for a walk in the park or the groceries.

Tandem Stoller, Tandem Pram

More About Double Strollers

There are many selections of strollers in the market. But if you have twins or kids whose age gaps are not that big, then doubles strollers are your best choice. Double strollers can come in different features, including foot and hand brakes, front-wheel and all-wheels suspension, and extended canopies. There are two choices of double strollers: you can either go for one that has a side-by-side form or buy a tandem pram.

A side-by-side stroller has two seats next to each other. The seats provide the kids with equal views and even allow interaction with one another. However, the width of this stroller takes up a lot of space and makes it a bit challenging to maneuver. They are not advisable to use in congested areas.

Meanwhile, a tandem pram also has two seats that are in line with each other. This means that one child gets to sit behind the other. The downside is the kids won’t be able to enjoy equal views. Also, the position of the seat may be a little cramped. The good thing about it is it is much more maneuverable compared to a side-by-side stroller because of its width. It also takes up less space.

Some Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tandem Stroller

The Ages, Heights, and Weights of Your Kids

The best stroller choice for newborns is definitely not suitable for older children. Before buying a double stroller, make sure to check what is their age, height, and weight limits. Most double strollers have a bottom age limit of 6 months and a weight capacity that can support up to 50 pounds each.


If you plan to bring the kids along while jogging, it’s best to go for a tandem pram as it is more compact than a side-by-side stroller. If your family loves parks and nature trails, a side-by-side stroller may come in handy. However, make sure to check first their suspension, wheel durability, and braking systems.


Always consider the width of the double stroller. It can be difficult to fit through small hallways and doorways with a side-by-side stroller. Even some versions of a tandem pram go through a similar scenario. It may be a bit silly but you may want to measure the passageways of the usual spaces you go through or you plan to go to with your babies, including elevator openings or your favorite restaurant. This is to have an idea of what size you should go for when buying a double stroller.

The Size of Your Car’s Trunk

You need to consider the size of the stroller not just through the spaces you’ll be going but also on how it will fit your car’s trunk. Measure the trunk then compare it with the measurements of the stroller in folded dimensions before buying it. Make sure there is room enough to fit the stroller with other items (just in case you’ll be coming from the groceries).


Each tandem stroller brand offers different types of features. Some of the basic features of a stroller include weather shields, snack trays, and other areas for storage for other items. If you’re planning to use the stroller while jogging, get one with suspension and front-locking wheels. You may also want to choose a stroller that has reclining seats, a five-point harness, and an adjustable handlebar to give your children a more comfortable experience.

double stroller, Tandem Pram

Double Strollers: A Good Investment

Double strollers offer versatility and convenience in bringing along your toddlers. They are durable and designed to hold two to three kids at the same time. They are also equipped with a storage basket and side pockets giving you ways to bring your and the baby’s essentials. Certainly, buying a tandem stroller is a good investment but make sure to follow our guidelines to get the best one for your kids.

Bring Your Baby with You In The Best Double Jogging Stroller

Running with a double jogging stroller

Having a baby is considered both a blessing and a responsibility. You have to adjust a lot of what you used to do so you can give more time to your baby. Physical change is one of the most obvious after pregnancy. Mothers and even fathers may have a difficult time getting back to shape most probably because all of their attention now belongs to their newborn kid. It is understandable to take a break from major physical activities after childbirth. But should you finally decide in restoring your physical form without leaving your little one behind, it’s wise to invest in the best double jogging stroller.

What Is a Jogging Stroller?

There is no need to sacrifice quality time with your kid just because you desire to have an exercise regime. Jogging strollers are the solution for you. This is a special kind of stroller that can assist both moms and dads in having a healthy lifestyle. For easy push and maneuverability, they come with a three-wheel design wherein the two smaller wheels are in the rear and the large one is at the front. Jogging strollers also have a sturdy handrail on the back that you can hold on to while jogging.

If you have two bring along two kids with you, don’t fret because the best double jogging stroller is available for you. From the name itself, these strollers have double seats that can accommodate two children. With these jogging strollers, you don’t need to choose from your two little ones who to bring on your jogging time as you can now both have them with you.

Jogging Stroller, Best double jogging stroller

What to Look for to Get the Best Double Jogging Stroller?

Here are the components you should check when shopping for double jogging strollers:


Go for jogging strollers with a pneumatic bike wheel with suspension. This type of wheel provides the smoothest ride possible and works well on all terrain. Plus, these wheels have the least resistance when running.

Sun Shades

Keeping your child protected from the sun, rain, or ever-changing weather is highly important. Different models also have distinct coverage. Some only have single sunscreen while others are set apart.

Car Seat Compatibility

Some jogging stroller types can be attached to hold car seats from compatible brands. This feature is most beneficial to infants who are not yet big enough to fit in the stroller seat.


Jogging strollers feature a storage basket underneath so parents or guardians can bring along important items for their children. Some models also come with cup holders and a storage tray.


If you are above or below the average height, looking into adjustability features is crucial. You should be able to run comfortably and keep good form through the stroller’s adjustable handles. Make sure that the stroller’s brakes work well so that you can easily halt them whenever needed.

Some Tips When Jogging with a Baby

Prioritize Safety

A safe age wherein a kid can sit in jogging strollers is at least six to eight months old. Make sure that your kid has the necessary neck and head control while in a sitting position. It’s best to consult your pediatrician first before taking them out with you on a jog.

Ensure the Comfort of Your Child

Different elements can make your child uncomfortable, from flies and mosquitoes to raindrops and the heat of the sun. While the best double jogging stroller has hoods or canopies to keep kids protected, you still have to make sure that they are dressed accordingly before placing them in the stroller. Moreover, bring some blankets, a change of clothes, wipes, diapers, and all other necessary items your baby will need.

Be Cautious

Add reflective accents on the front, top, and sides of the jogging stroller so that it will be visible if you plan to jog at dusk or dawn. Avoid busy streets as much as you can but if you can’t, wait for the red light to flash before crossing. Don’t forget to lock the front wheel forward, make sure that your toddler is safely buckled in, and wear your wrist strap before you start a run.

Running with a double jogging stroller

Plan Your Jog with Your Little One

Want to stay active but worried about your children being left unattended? Get a double jogging stroller so you can bring them along while you jog. There are various types of jogging strollers in the market.  Rely on our guidelines so you can get the best double jogging stroller for your kid.

How To Chose The Perfect Baby Pram That Suits Your Needs

Single Stroller

For many parents, finding the perfect baby pram can be a daunting task. While some parents choose their stroller because of its aesthetic appeal, others choose their stroller because of its practicality.

Single Stroller

Deciding what kind of baby pram to get for your newborn will largely depend on your lifestyle. The perfect stroller can make all the difference in your daily life. Are you parents that lead an active life, or someone that likes traveling a lot? The right stroller will not only give your baby a place to have fun, explore, and snooze, but it will give you the ability to walk, shop, run, or travel with ease.

Stroller rides are some of the most soothing experiences for a child, and they will be one of your most crucial purchases. Today, we will go through the many things you need to consider when choosing a baby pram.

How to Choose A Baby Pram That Suits Your Lifestyle

With so many options on the market, choosing a baby pram that suits your lifestyle is always quite difficult. Because of that, many parents choose a stroller that is aesthetically pleasing without taking into consideration their needs and the needs of the baby.

Finding the best stroller requires not only patience but thorough thinking as well. Is it going to fit the baby’s needs throughout the many phases of infancy, is it going to fit your needs as a parent, is it safe? There are a lot of things to consider.

Things to Consider When Buying a Stroller

Lifestyle. We’ve circled back to your lifestyle. This is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding on a stroller. Are you a suburban family who will mainly need the stroller for short walks around the neighborhood, or are you someone that lives in a busy city in a crowded apartment building? Are you going to use the stroller for jogging, or strolling through bumpy roads or a hiking trail? Do you have a personal vehicle, or planning on using public transport? There are a lot of questions to answer before purchase a baby pram.

Family size. If you are expecting twins or triplets, a double or triple stroller is something you will want to consider. If there are a couple of years between your babies, consider a single stroller that can convert to a double or even triple stroller.

Cost. The prices of a baby pram can vary drastically. Some prams come with many features, including advanced suspension systems or more quality fabrics and materials. Define your budget before choosing a stroller.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Stroller

Safety. Whether you are jogging or strolling, safety always comes first. Most strollers come with basic safety features like a safety harness. However, a stroller with a five-point safety harness strap, reliable breaks including a handbrake, locked front swivel wheels, and a safety tether is recommended.

Ease of Use. Folding and unfolding a stroller is not easy, especially if it’s a double or triple stroller. Look for a stroller that features a one-hand fold or a quick-fold mechanism. Furthermore, look for a stroller that has a self-stand feature.

Newborn-friendly. When choosing a baby pram, always check the details. Does the stroller offer a deep recline, or can you attach a car seat? Not all strollers are suitable for infants.

Storage. The storage basket is an important feature. Depending on the size, you can use the basket to go shopping with your stroller. Moreover, a large basket can accommodate all of the baby’s things, such as food, clothes, diapers, blankets, and toys.

Size & Weight. If you own a vehicle, choose a stroller that will fit in the trunk of your car. Along with size, pay attention to the weight. If you are going to push the stroller every day, make sure it’s not too heavy for you.

tandem umbrella stroller

Additional Features to Consider:

  • Washable Fabric
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • Sun Canopy
  • Padded Seats
  • MP3 Plug-in
  • Children and Parent Trays and Cup Holders
  • Pneumatic Tires
  • Air Suspension
  • Reflective Stripes


After you’ve considered all the factors above, make a list of your criteria based on your lifestyle. Finding a stroller that is suitable and functional for you and your child is important.

Buying a stroller is often like buying a car. It’s a big investment not just of money, but of time as well. If you are ready to start shopping, we are confident that this article will help you find the perfect baby pram for your lifestyle.

Why All New Mums To Twins Should Have A Baby Jogger Double

Double Stroller

If you are a mother of two, and you like to jog, we have some great news for you. A baby jogger double stroller that can fit two kids, rides well, and it’s super affordable.

Raising two children is a tough job on its own, finding time to exercise can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your exercise routine. Moreover, with a baby jogger double stroller, you can still preserve your active lifestyle all while spending some quality time with your children.

We did some research and, today, we’re putting Baby Trend Navigator Baby Jogger Double Stroller under the spotlight. With this stroller, you can sprint, leisurely jog, or walk, whatever you prefer. If you are an active parent, this jogging stroller can perfectly fit your lifestyle. Furthermore, it is super safe for both you and the babies.

Baby Trend Navigator Baby Jogger Double Stroller, Vanguard

If you want the best for your kids, something that is easy to maneuver for you, and something that will be super comfortable for all of you, then the Baby Trend Navigator Baby Jogger Double Stroller is an option worth considering.

There are many things to love about this jogging stroller. Although it’s not a lightweight stroller, a feature lacking in most double strollers, that is actually an advantage. The extra weight gives the stroller extra stability and sturdiness when jogging. Thus, this stroller rides well even at higher speeds.

Because it’s built for activity, this stroller has a durable frame, capable of carrying two children, weighing 50 pounds each. Moreover, the stroller features all-terrain pneumatic bicycle tires allowing you to adapt to any terrain. No matter the terrain, the tires are designed to reduce the effect of uneven surfaces. You can run comfortably, while your children are napping.

Best Features

Great for children of different ages. Not all baby jogger double strollers can accommodate two children of different ages. With the Baby Trend Navigator, you have the option to install two infant car seats. This means you can use this stroller for both newborns and toddlers, something that not all double strollers offer.

Padded and reclining seats for added comfort. Both seats on this stroller can recline independently. Moreover, they are padded for extra comfort, and both seats feature individual canopies that will shield your children from the sun.

5-Point Safety Harness. Whether your children are sitting up or lie flat while napping, they are always secured with a padded 5-point harness. On top of that, this stroller features locked front swivel wheels in order to keep the stroller stable when jogging, and footrest reflectors for more visibility during evening strolls.

MP3 plug-in and speakers. A jogging stroller with speakers is pretty cool, even beyond that, very useful. Listening to your favorite music can motivate you to exercise more. Furthermore, you can use the music to entertain your children when jogging.

Folds Effortlessly. Folding a double stroller is not always easy. However, this jogging stroller features a trigger that makes folding effortless. The quick-fold mechanism is one of the most important features a stroller can have.

Extra Storage. This stroller features a large basket, perfect for diaper bags, a soccer ball, a blanket, and all the food and drinks you can bring. The storage compartment has a hardcover for extra protection when jogging.

Pros and Cons


Double Stroller
  • Durable and sturdy frame.
  • Swivel wheels with pneumatic air tires.
  • Reclining seats with individual canopies.
  • Large storage basket.
  • Fold easily.
  • MP3 plug-in speakers.
  • Parent and twin child trays with cup holders.
  • Accepts two infant car seats.
  • Parking brakes.


  • It’s quite heavy.
  • The handlebar is not adjustable.
  • There is no bar between the two children’s seats.

The Baby Trend Navigator Baby Jogger Double stroller has a wonderful and quality design, spacious interior, it’s durable and very maneuverable, and adapts perfectly to different terrains. It’s the perfect blend between style, comfort, and efficiency.


A jogging stroller can be a lot of fun for the entire family. Running and exercising can not only be fun, but very healthy and beneficial for both parents. Daily jogging can strengthen your immune system, improve your fitness, and increase your confidence.

If you are looking for a stroller that can accommodate two children, it’s durable and high performing, and it’s super affordable, then the Baby Trend Navigator Baby Jogger Double stroller is the one for you.