The 3 Major Differences Between the Best Jogging Stroller and a Regular Stroller

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Are you in the market for the best jogging stroller? Becoming a parent doesn’t mean you let go of yourself. You can stay active and take your little one out with you on a jog

So, why can’t you take any regular baby strollers out for a jog? Well, all strollers are not made equally. The regular ones you find are not recommended for jogging because of their build and the tires installed. We will get more into that a little later. Therefore, if you enjoy jogging and plan to continue with your little one then you will need a jogging stroller. Let’s look at why the best jogging strollers are better than regular ones for parents that like to jog.

What to expect from the best jogging strollers

Jogging strollers are typically made to be more durable than regular strollers. The build is sturdier, so it can withstand the vibration and roughness of the track or road as you jog with it. They make it easier for parents to get their daily run along with their little ones.

Let’s look at the major differences between the best jogging strollers and regular options.

  • Wheels: Most jogging strollers have 3-wheels and have unique all-terrain wheels. The wheels are air-filled and allow the stroller to go on any type of terrain from grass, and gravel, to unpaved roads. For those that jog a lot on unpaved or uneven roads, you must be extra vigilant when it comes to the wheels of the stroller since they may go flat due to wear and tear.
  • Weight: Jogging strollers generally weigh more than regular options. That is because they are made from sturdier material to withstand the vibrations of the road when jogging. They also provide a little more stability for the baby. So, they don’t fall out, or the stroller doesn’t collapse on them during your jog.
  • Rear-facing seat: Most jogging strollers do not allow you to change the orientation of the seat. They are usually always forward-facing and cannot be changed to rear-facing. Many regular strollers give you the option to switch between front- and rear-facing seating options.

These differences are what set the best jogging strollers apart from their regular counterparts. The wheels and weight ensure that you can easily jog with the stroller, without facing too many issues.

The all-terrain wheels provide better road grip and are more dynamic in the sense that they move far quicker than the tires on regular strollers. Regular stroller wheels have foam or plastic-filled tires, which are far less superior and rotate much slower, making it difficult to jog with them. The foam and plastic filling is far less durable also, making the tires prone to puncture or just coming off during a run.

The common features between regular and jogging strollers

There are a lot of features that you will find in common between regular baby strollers and jogging options. Things like:

  • Canopy: To provide shade to the baby when you are out and about.
  • Seating: You can find both options in single seats and double seats, for those with two kids.
  • Car seat compatible: For those that want to fit their car seat into the stroller.
  • 3-5 point harness: To ensure your baby is properly strapped and safe in the stroller.
Best jogging stroller for you, jogging stroller

Jogging Stroller Versus A Regular Stroller Thoughts

Almost all the popular stroller manufacturers make jogging strollers now. There are tons of options, but make sure you do your research and fit one that you are most comfortable with. When selecting the best jogging stroller for you and your baby, safety and comfort should always be first. a 5-point harness ensures the baby sits securely in the seat, while you jog. Price should always be secondary to that.

You now know all you need to buy the best jogging stroller for your family. Happy shopping!